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Quality latex and rubber fetish wear
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100ml aqua midi lubetube
100ml aqua midi lubetube   8.49

100ml silicone lubetube
100ml silicone lubetube   10.49

10ml aqua lubeshot
10ml aqua lubeshot   1.29

10ml silicone Lubeshot
10ml silicone Lubeshot   1.49

250ml aqua maxi lubetube
250ml aqua maxi lubetube   11.99

30ml aqua mini lubetube
30ml aqua mini lubetube   3.49

30ml silicone mini Lubetube
30ml silicone mini Lubetube   5.49

Cheeky Cherry oral gel
Cheeky Cherry oral gel   7.99

Raspberry Kiss oral gel
Raspberry Kiss oral gel   7.99

As well as a wide range of latex fashion and rubber clothing we also offer a full selection of personal lubricant products.

From water based lubricant to the more silky higher quality silicone lubricant we have something for everyone.

We will make it clear which of our lubes can be used with our latex and rubber products as well as which products are perfect for use with sex toys etc.